Child Support Changes In Illinois

In the past, when a couple with children got divorced, one parent (the non-custodial parent) would be made to pay child support to the custodial parent. But in 2016, Illinois changed its divorce law to exclude titles like "custodial" and … [Continue reading]

What Divorcing Couples Should Know About A Jointly-Owned Business

In 2007, the Census Bureau estimated that approximately 3.7 million businesses were co-owned by spouses, and as more people start their own businesses, that number has likely only gone up. That's great if couples can successfully work together, but … [Continue reading]

How is Social Media a Contributing Factor in Divorces Today?

Social media has quickly grown from something only a few college kids did to something that impacts every area of our lives - from our jobs to our ability to obtain a loan and, yes, even our divorces. One of the most common pieces of advice … [Continue reading]

Concerned About Attorney’s Fees During Divorce?

Barb Sherer discusses what other options you have during divorce that will help cut down on your attorney's fees. You have many options during your divorce. One of them is mediation. During this process, you work … [Continue reading]

Who Can Claim Children As Dependents? What To Do When Your Divorce Does Not Specify

Illinois marital and divorce law was recently changed to redefine "custody" as "parenting time." Under the new law, the parenting time is split between the parents. In most cases, one parent ends up with the majority of the parenting time … [Continue reading]

LGBTQ Rights in Illinois

Family law for the LGBTQ community drastically changed with the landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court on June 26, 2015. This is the day the Court ordered that every state must recognize same-sex marriage. Up to this point, same-sex … [Continue reading]

Does Cohabitation End Spousal Support?

Your divorce is final. All the judgements have been entered, the custody battles have ended, and the support payments have started. You are eager to move on with your life and find someone new to spend your time with. If you depend on your support … [Continue reading]

Can I Get Granted Visitation Rights to My Step-Children if Their Parent and I Divorce?

Parental Responsibility cases can be ugly between divorcing biological parents. But when a biological parent and a step-parent get divorced, does that step-parent have legal visitation rights? The answer depends on what state you live in. In general, … [Continue reading]

What I Need to Know If This is My Second or Third Marriage

There is no doubt that marriage is harder than ever. A new bride will gain more than a husband, as if the groom has been married before, the bride might find herself married to his alimony and child support payments as well. A groom might suddenly be … [Continue reading]

What to Do When an Executor Fails to Carry Out the Will

An executor’s job is to carry out the will, meaning he or she will execute the will and handle the estate of the deceased by carrying out their wishes. This can include paying debts and taxes and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries in … [Continue reading]