5 Things to Remember if You Intend on Buying Rental Property

Buying rental property can be a great way to build your wealth. There are very few differences between buying your own home and buying rental property. Here are a few things you need to know before you begin investing in real estate. Do Your Homework This part can be difficult because you might not know

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Medical Marijuana In Illinois: What Are My Rights?

Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program The Compassionate Use Act in Illinois, a pilot program, legalizes the use of marijuana to those who are registered as “qualifying individuals” and caregivers.” Put simply, the Act makes the use and sale of marijuana, also known medically as cannabis, legal in the State of Illinois. However, under federal law,

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4 Ways To Make Visitation After Divorce Bearable

Divorce, as well as visitation after divorce, is a difficult experience and it takes a toll on all family members, especially children. Parents need to collaborate and continue to parent together for the sake of their children, making them feel comfortable about the new arrangements. The more cooperation parents can establish regarding decisions involving their

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My Child Is Dating Someone Who Is Harming Them – What Should I Do?

As a parent, you watch over and protect your child throughout every stage of life, especially as she/he engages in relationships with friends and romantic associations that begin to develop during the teenage years. At times, these relationships can evolve quickly and intensely, and they can cause concern or provoke action from parents, as patterns

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What Are Legal Rights as a Victim of Domestic Violence?

Every area of your life is affected if you are a victim of domestic violence. You should be aware of the legal rights you have as a domestic violence victim. The State of Illinois offers legal remedies based on state law, including, but not limited to, temporary restraining orders, orders of protection, charges for parental

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Abolishment of Heartbalm Actions ( a/k/a Alienation Of Affection)

What is Alienation of Affection? Simply defined, Alienation of Affection is a legal action initiated by a deserted spouse against a third party, who may be responsible for the failure of a marriage. The defendant is typically the other spouse’s love interest, although cases have involved third parties who are family members, advisors, therapists and

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5 Myths About A Prenuptial Agreement Debunked

Prenuptial Agreement Defined Prenuptial agreement is defined as an agreement between two parties who intend to marry, and basically outlines how the couple will manage assets, debts and other financial aspects during the marriage and in the event the couple splits. The agreement goes into effect the day the couple is married. Reasons for a

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