What to Know When Changing Child Support

There are currently 38 states that calculate child support using the “income shares” formula.  Nine states in the U.S. do not use the income shares formula—Illinois being one of them. Instead, Illinois uses a formula called “percentage of obligatory net income.”  Since the 1980’s, the obligatory net income formula has calculated income based on the

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We’ve Decided to Adopt. Where Do We Start?

The process of adoption can be complex and lengthy. We know you want to hold your new family member safely in your arms as soon as possible. At Sherer Law, we’ve had many years of experience helping many families navigate through the adoption process.  If you are ready to adopt, we want to help you.

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What Should I Bring When First Meeting With My Divorce Attorney?

You may experience many emotions upon meeting with a divorce attorney. Fear, anger, hurt, anxiety or even depression, are feelings which can prevent you from thinking clearly. At Sherer Law, we understand you may be trying to deal with conflict at home, losing sleep, or struggling with other deep concerns for a variety of reasons.

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What Is The Difference Between A Will & A Trust?

The differences between a will and trust are important to consider for your family’s sake. Though they seem similar on the surface, the details of each can result in very different outcomes. Depending on your needs, having one or both can save your loved ones time and money. Have you thought of what will happen

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