cohabitation and maintenance in Illinois

Cohabitation and Maintenance In Illinois

In Illinois, a party is entitled to terminate maintenance when a former spouse “cohabitates on a continuing conjugal basis” with a new partner.[1] However, the phrase “continuing conjugal basis” is a standard that must be interpreted by courts when determining whether a former spouse is entitled to terminate maintenance.  A recent appellate case out of

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illinois passes marijuana bill

Illinois Passes Marijuana Bill

On May 31, 2019, Illinois took a monumental step toward legalizing recreational marijuana use by passing HB 1438.  The bill passed through the Senate by a vote of 38-17 on May 29th  and then through the house on May 31stby a vote of 66-47 . [1]  It was signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker on June

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divorce is final

The Divorce is Final, What’s the Next Step?

All the papers are signed, the arguments are over, and a judgment has been entered, what are the next steps you should ensure your attorney is taking? There are a variety of administrative tasks that need to be accomplished once a judgment is entered in order to make sure your future interests are being protected.

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terminating parental rights

Terminating Parental Rights In Illinois

While a child’s birth parents are initially guaranteed certain parental rights and responsibilities, situations may arise where a parent loses or has these rights terminated. Some parents voluntarily terminate their rights. A voluntary termination requires approval of the court and is typically only granted when an adoptive parent is ready and willing to take over

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Scott’s Law: Move Over, Slow Down

Scott’s Law was enacted in 2002 in response to a fatal traffic accident that occurred on December 23, 2000, in which Chicago Fire Lieutenant Scott Gillen was struck and killed after responding to a car crash.  In response to this, Illinois legislatures passed what is known as Scott’s Law, or the “Move Over law.” Originally,

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Employer child support payments

How Should An Employer Handle Required Support Payments?

Payment of maintenance or child support can – and often does – occur through direct deductions from an individual’s paycheck.  A person owed support is able to submit an Income Withholding for Support order to the court, which is then given to the employer of the person who owes the support. These forms can be used

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Illinois to legalize sports gambling

Illinois to Legalize Sports Gambling?

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its ruling on Murphy v National Collegiate Athletic Association last year, which provided a framework for state-sanctioned sports betting, many lawmakers have been lining up to take advantage.  So far, seven states have passed some form of state-regulated sports betting: Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania,

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legal age to purchase tobacco

Illinois Raises Legal Age to Purchase Tobacco

On April 8, 2019, Governor Pritzker signed legislation officially raising the legal age to purchase tobacco in Illinois from 18 to 21.  House Bill 345, otherwise known as the “Tobacco 21” bill, states that no person under the age of 21 may purchase tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or any other alternative nicotine product, and imposes

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crime free housing

Crime Free Housing: Problem or Solution?

Crime Free Housing, a relatively recent phenomena, has begun to spread through Illinois as well as many other states.  However, what does that mean for local residents?  Why has it proven so divisive?  Sherer Law Offices is here to walk you through why some people are praising the Crime Free Housing initiative while others condemn

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who keeps the ring

It’s Over – But Who Keeps the Ring?

The exchange of engagement and wedding rings is a symbolic and important part of many relationships, but what happens to them if a marriage or engagement ends? [1] ENGAGEMENT RINGS Illinois courts identify engagement rings as gifts made in the contemplation of marriage.  Courts recognize that, since an engagement ring is a gift given in

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