Potential Relocation Changes Loom For Illinois

Relocation is one of the more complex areas of Family Law.  Relocation issues arise when one parent wants to move the children a significant distance, whether in the state of Illinois or to another state.  When the children’s parents are separated, relocation requires specific authorization from the court before the children can be moved. This

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prenuptial agreement

Make Sure Your Prenuptial Agreement is Enforceable

Many couples will enter into a prenuptial agreement (or a “prenup”) before they get married.  These agreements are intended to decide how your assets would be divided and financial terms of what would happen if you were to get divorced.  While it can be uncomfortable to think about separating from someone you are just about

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What Is Mediation?

If you are currently in the midst of a divorce or other proceeding involving child custody, visitation, or division of assets, then you are likely familiar with the term “mediation.” While the term may conjure up images of corporate board rooms, family mediation in Illinois is actually a much different process.  Understanding what happens during

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equal parenting time

Proposed Bill Mandates Equal Parenting Time

Currently pending in the Illinois Legislature is House Bill 0185, which if enacted, may prove to have major ramifications in any divorce case involving children.  Under this new bill, unless specifically stated in a court approved parenting plan, each parent would be granted equal parenting time. [1] This award of equal parenting time would a

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Eviction: What Every Landlord and Tenant Need to Know

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the eviction process can often feel confusing and downright unfair.  A tenant may feel as though they are being taken advantage of or being preyed upon during a vulnerable time in their life.  A landlord may feel as though the process is overly bureaucratic and requires too

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Illinois minimum wage

Illinois Minimum Wage May be Increased to $15.00/hour

On February 7, 2019, the Illinois senate voted and passed Senate Bill 1, which proposes to raise the current minimum wage from $8.25 to $15.00/hour.[1] If signed into law, the plan would be to gradually increase the minimum wage each year until it reaches $15.00/hour in 2025. The current proposal would increase the minimum wage to $9.25/hour

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supreme court

Supreme Court Rules Against Punitive Civil Forfeiture

On February 20, 2018, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling in Timbs v. Indiana, ruling that the State of Indiana’s seizure of Timbs’ $42,000 Land Rover violated the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution as an excessive fine.[1]  This new decision is sure to have a major impact on property seizures by law enforcement agencies

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leaving pets in the cold

IL Laws on Leaving Pets in the Cold

With our area’s recent snap of extreme cold weather, you likely saw many articles regarding the issues of leaving pets outside in the cold. You may be wondering, what can the government do to stop people from leaving animals in vulnerable positions in bad weather? The Illinois Humane Care for Animals Act addresses these issues.

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New Firearms Laws in Illinois

2019 has brought changes in Illinois regarding the purchase and possession of firearms. While the federal government already regulates firearms dealers, these new Illinois laws are intended to add a further level to ensure proper firearm use. Make sure you know about these new laws if you own or are purchasing a firearm. First, all firearms

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Fertility Preservation Insurance

Do You Have Fertility Preservation Insurance?

Worries of infertility after serious medical conditions or treatments are being lessened by a new Illinois law, effective January 1, 2019. Pursuant to 215 ILCS 5/356z.29, any individual or group policy of accident and health insurance that is either amended, delivered, issued or renewed in Illinois after January 1, 2019, mustprovide coverage for medically necessary

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