I Have a Court Order, But My Ex is Not Complying. Now What?

3293465641_b6c5081e87_zSometimes it seems that people either do not understand, or otherwise forget, that the courts are there to deal with issues that arise after a divorce. There are legal procedures in place to take care of conflicts, but if you don?t exercise your legal rights, the situation will not be resolved in the proper manner.

If your ex has defied a court order, you will need to use the family court system in order to hold them responsible. Examples of your ex not cooperating can include:

  • Failing to pay court-ordered child support
  • Interfering with a court-ordered visitation schedule
  • Entering your home without your permission
  • Harassing you

How Do You Respond to a Defiant Ex?

If your ex is harassing or stalking you to the point that you feel unsafe, be sure to contact the police and report the activity as soon as possible to prevent the situation from escalating. Do not let any fear of repercussions from your ex prevent you from taking the legal steps necessary to protect yourself and/or your children. The longer you delay, the longer you will have to suffer from your ex?s unacceptable behavior.

Seek Advice and Advocacy

Whether your ex?s defiance is threatening or not, you should always contact your attorney about the problem. You will be advised to follow the required legal procedure and have the matter presented to a judge. A motion will need to be filed with the court to deal with the specific issue in order to find a resolution.

Technically, it is possible to enforce a standing divorce court order by filing a pro se motion (on your own) or by working with a legal aid to take your issue to court, but these options are often extremely time consuming and increase your chances of filing incorrectly.

If you work with an experienced attorney, on the other hand, your case will get immediate attention from someone who knows the correct procedures to follow. It is always best to have an advocate who truly understands the family court system.

If a defiant ex is causing unnecessary stress and struggle in your life, do not hesitate to get help. Court orders are put into place for a reason and you have every right to demand that those orders be enforced. You do NOT have to put up with problems that involve visitation rights, child support, or feeling threatened by your ex.

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