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Civil Union Doesn’t Grant Stepparentage

Published in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin by Andrew Maloney A civil union did not confer parenting rights to a woman whose partner died, a downstate appeals court has ruled. The 5th District Appellate Court panel held that a person in a civil union does not qualify as a stepparent to their partner’s biological child

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Judgment in Favor of Sherer Law Offices Client in Complicated Probate Case

As published on leagle.com: Justice HARRISON delivered the opinion of the court: Plaintiff, Acsa Johnson, brought an action in the circuit court of Madison County to recover damages from various defendants, including the Edwardsville National Bank and Trust Company, now doing business as Mark Twain Bank (Mark Twain); Clover Leaf Savings and Loan (Clover Leaf);

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Appellate Court Lets Mother Move Her Kids Out of State

Published on the Illinois State Bar Association website: Court granted wife permission to move from Illinois to North Carolina with parties’ 2 minor children, and  awarded wife attorney fees and costs as sanctions, and awarded wife retroactive child support. Evidence shows that husband failed to take opportunities for parenting time, and was not supportive of wife’s needs for

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Appeals Court Lets Mother Keep Son Out Of State

Published In The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: A downstate appeals panel allowed a divorced mother with physical custody of a 3-year-old to remain in Ohio, overturning a trial court decision the judges deemed “arbitrary.” A 5th District Appellate Court ruling this week authored by Justice Judy L. Cates granted the mother, Katherine A. Smith, permission to permanently

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Fighting a Motion to Vacate and Reenter a Foreclosure

A client of mine was recently faced with an unusual twist in his residential foreclosure case. While the circumstances that took him into foreclosure may not be that unusual, a stroke of unlikely good luck for my client made this a very interesting battle to protect his credit. Several years ago, my client went through

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