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We will take the time to earnestly listen to your situation and concerns so that we can devise resolution strategies that protect your best interests.

Divorce Lawyer

The Attorneys at Sherer Law Offices have been providing legal representation for divorce cases for more than 25 years. Divorce is often very emotionally charged, leading to stressful and costly disputes if resolutions are not easily reached. As divorce lawyers, our job is to make sure that our clients are supported by us and our paralegals during divorce cases so that they can move forward with their lives. We can also steer yourself and your children to community resources you may need while transitioning into your new life.

Why Do You Need A Divorce Lawyer?

Whether a divorce case is contested or uncontested, a divorce lawyer should be involved to make sure that all paperwork and terms of settlement are clearly covered in the process. Many things need to be considered before papers are signed:

  • How will property and possessions be handled?
  • How will financial assets be separated?
  • Is either party eligible for maintenance, and if so, how much?
  • If children are involved, what will be the arrangements for custody and child support?

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Property and Financial Settlements

The separation of property, possessions, and financial assets can be a complicated matter. The issue of maintenance/alimony may also be a consideration depending on the case. The divorce lawyers at Sherer Law Offices will provide you with experienced guidance to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We can advise you on how to handle many issues including:

  • 401K accounts, Pension, Social Security and Retirement
  • Bank accounts
  • Marital assets including a home, household contents, furniture, investment properties, cars and other vehicles
  • Inheritance funds

Divorce Cases Involving Children

When children are involved, we are committed to ensuring the end result puts your child in a living environment that serves their best interests. We take the time to talk with our client and other individuals to work out issues such as:

  • Physical custody schedules
  • Visitation agreements
  • Child support
  • Educational decisions, including tuition coverage and college financing
  • Extracurricular activity agreements
  • Medical and other insurance coverage

Contested Divorce Cases

If agreements cannot be reached, it is vital to have an experienced legal team ready to fight for you in family court. With tough negotiation skills, we will help uncover all applicable assets and conduct through the discovery process questioning and cross-examinations to protect your family’s safety and maximize your comfort, stability and financial security.

Uncontested Divorce Cases

In uncontested cases, the divorce lawyers with Sherer Law Offices act as legal advisors to ensure agreements you reach with your spouse will actually protect you and your children. Oftentimes, parties reach an agreement without a full understanding of the legal ramifications. At Sherer Law Offices, we make sure you are thoroughly informed about your legal rights with answers specific to your case.


Mediation is intended to work out issues and give the parties some control over decisions for your children. In Illinois, where parties are not in agreement on all issues relative to custody and visitation, the court will order them to a minimum of 4 hours of appointed mediation. Parties can also hire a mediator on other issues, such as finances. Barbara Sherer is an experienced mediator and is available for independent hire during the mediation process. She can prepare documents to reflect an agreement that can then be turned into a court order, sparing you costly litigation fees.

* Mediators are certified after 40 hours of mediation training beyond Law School. If parties independently hire a mediator, that mediator cannot represent either of them in court if the case becomes contested. All discussions in mediation are confidential regardless of whether the mediation is court-ordered or by agreement.

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