New Firearms Laws in Illinois

2019 has brought changes in Illinois regarding the purchase and possession of firearms. While the federal government already regulates firearms dealers, these new Illinois laws are intended to add a further level to ensure proper firearm use. Make sure you know about these new laws if you own or are purchasing a firearm.

First, all firearms dealers must now be certified by the state of Illinois.[1]Certification will case between $1,500-$300 depending on the type of location the dealer is located. The certification will last for five years and the renewal fee will cost up to $1,000.[2]

In addition to requiring firearm dealers to have certification, stores that sell firearms must now be licensed by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and these licenses must be submitted to the Illinois State Police.  Additionally, store owners are now required to install surveillance equipment to monitor critical areas where firearms are sold, maintain an electronic inventory of firearms, and provide annual employee training regarding firearm sales.

The new law will affect about 2,400 firearms dealers and has been met with mixed reaction.  Some have praised the bill for adding more oversight, while others are worried that the bill is overly bureaucratic and will drive smaller stores and firearm dealers out of business.[3]

On the purchasing side, another new law now requires a mandatory 72-hour waiting period for the purchase of all firearms.[4]  Previously, the 72-hour waiting period only applied to handgun purchases.  This law also eliminates the previous exemption from the waiting period for nonresident purchasers of firearms.  Any violation will now result in a class 4 felony.

Finally, Illinois has implemented the Firearm Restraining Order Act.  This law allows family members and police officers to ask the court for an emergency lethal violence order of protection if they believe that a gun owner poses an immediate danger of causing injury to themselves or others.[5]  If the request is granted, a Judge may order that person’s firearms be taken away for  six months and that they cannot buy any firearms during the same six month period.

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