Four Tips If You Are Dealing With A Name Change Due To Divorce At Tax Time

name change due to divorceWhat does divorce and changing my name have to do with filing my tax return? It could mean the difference between the timely return of your refund. It is also wise to know exactly what to address as you move forward with a name change. The following topics will be helpful if you divorced during a tax year and changed your name.

  1. Make sure you alert your attorney that you want to change your name. It is easy for your attorney to order this when the divorce decree is filed.
  2. If you changed your name back to your previous last name after your divorce, you can avoid complications when filing your tax return by notifying the Social Security Administration first. Wait at least ten days before filing your return.
  3. You will want to make sure that the name you have registered with the Social Security Administration is the same name that you will use to file your taxes. If the names do not match, this can cause problems when processing your taxes such as a delay with your refund. You will also want to notify the IRS of a new address by correcting by hand the label on your tax package provided. If you use an online system, use the software feature to change your address.
  4. Be sure to submit a form SS-5 to the SSA. Cards are available at a local SSA office or on the SSA website: http://www.socialsecurity.gov. to get a new card. The new card will have the same number, along with your new name.

Other considerations need to be addressed along with a name change. Be sure to review these helpful tips and reminders of institutions you will need to contact after you change your name. Your employer, among others listed here, should have forms they can provide you in the event you need to notify them of a name change.

  • Employer
  • Local post office
  • The IRS
  • Creditors and financial institutions
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Doctor?s offices
  • Insurance providers
  • Passport office
  • Voter?s registration office
  • State tax department
  • Utility companies

A name change is not only easy, but can also be requested as part of your divorce decree, saving you precious time, money and hassle. If you let the name change lapse over time after a divorce, the steps listed here can be used as a ?check list? for your contacts. You can also contact the Sherer Law Offices for a divorce attorney who can assist you with your divorce and any questions that you may have about your name change. Let us help you make tax time easier! Give us a call.

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