We’ve Decided to Adopt. Where Do We Start?

adoptionThe process of adoption can be complex and lengthy. We know you want to hold your new family member safely in your arms as soon as possible. At Sherer Law, we’ve had many years of experience helping many families navigate through the adoption process.? If you are ready to adopt, we want to help you.

Know What You Want

Simply stated, you need to know exactly what you want in order to get started. Adopting has many avenues. Do your research so you know what is best for your family dynamic and, in turn, best for the child you bring home. Here are some helpful possibilities to consider and start researching:

  • Public or private adoption? Once you have made the choice best for you, a lawyer will guide you through. We coordinate between you and the family or agency responsible for the release of the child.
  • International or domestic adoption? Be aware of how vastly different the process is between the two. Requirements, wait times, and costs are not the same. The process also varies greatly from country to country. A lawyer will help guide you through these things, but it’s good to know what to expect before you get into it.
  • What child is right for you? Consider possible special needs. They come in many forms, from mental instabilities to a child being much more social than you were anticipating. Have a basic idea of what characteristics a child would ideally have in order to thrive in your family environment.
  • Read books and join groups. There are numerous options available for you to receive help and advice from families and agencies. It’s highly advised and looks fantastic on your adoption resume for you to have sought help and done extensive research toward bringing a new family member into your life.

Properly researching your options will help you better define what you want and clarify your expectations of the adoption process. It will also help you avoid feeling overwhelmed as you move forward.

The next step is understanding the legal side of the adoption. Only when you know the type of adoption you want can a lawyer help you. Every adoption is a unique process, which requires individual attention. This is where Barb Sherer and her team step in, knowing how to best steer you through the legal aspects of adoption. We have carefully guided many families from the anxious start of legal documentation to the joyous moment of finalization.

If you have adoption questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today.?

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